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Sierra Vista Perio Protect Provider - Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment

Perio Protect - Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment in Sierra Vista, AZ

     Perio Protect is a brand name for a convenient and easy to use home care system specifically designed to help patients who have been suffering with periodontal disease and its devastating effects.  Periodontal Disease is just as the name implies, a disease caused by very toxic bacteria which live in the space (pockets) between the teeth and gum tissues.   Perio Protect is a tray and gel system designed to kill the disease causing bacteria on a daily basis.  The trays are specifically designed to completely and effectively deliver the gel to the entire pocket depth in order to eliminate all of the bacteria. Tooth brushing and flossing at best can only remove the most superficial bacteria leaving the most damaging bacteria undisturbed at the bottom of the pocket.  

     It has been demonstrated that within 48 hours of a very thorough dental cleaning, the disease causing germs have regrown and repopulated the periodontal pockets around the teeth.  Perio Protect is a very valuable home care tool that finally allows the patient to take control and eliminate the bacteria on a daily basis.

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