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Composite Fillings

Dr. Jack Schrader Offers Tooth Colored Fillings in Sierra Vista

In a lifetime, most people will experience a dental cavity and need a filling to treat the damage. Composite fillings have become a popular method for fixing cavities in an aesthetically pleasing way. In his Sierra Vista dental office, Dr. Jack Schrader provides composite fillings for patients who need to restore cavities.

What Is a Composite Filling?

Also referred to as tooth colored fillings, composite fillings use a resin mixture to restore teeth of existing cavities. The composite material is made to match the natural enamel of teeth and create a virtually unnoticeable restoration for the smile.

A composite filling may be needed if a patient has a small to medium-sized cavity as well as older fillings that are beginning to wear. Patients generally gravitate toward composites due to their desire to maintain a natural-looking smile.

How Are Composite Fillings Different?

Composite fillings are metal free and are mainly used for their aesthetic benefits. Dentists are able to blend a variety of composites to create color nearly identical to a patient’s individual tooth color and the placement of the filling allows the bond to reinforce a tooth’s structure. This increases the tooth’s durability and makes it less sensitive to temperature.

Tooth Colored Fillings in Sierra Vista

When Dr. Schrader determines that you need a filling, he will prepare the tooth and then gradually place the composite resin over the filling in layers. Each layer is hardened with a specialized light and molded to fit the tooth. As a finish, the tooth will be polished to ensure additional resistance.

Dr. Schrader also uses composite resin for inlays and onlays in order to produce the most appealing results.  Now you can receive tooth restorations while still maintaining the natural beauty of your smile.

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